The personal website of


Hello and thank you for visiting my personal website!

I would like to emphasize the word personal because the purpose of this website is not to represent me on the job market or to my colleagues and clients. Having said that, I have dedicated a tab for my Curriculum Vitae where you can learn about my professional background. For obvious reasons I’ve locked the page with a passkey, so you will need to request one from me before trying to access.

I built this website in 1997 and its been up and running since then, every few years when the time permits I do update the template, colors, wording and the backend php code.

Anyway, here you get to know a little about me, the projects that I’m working on, there might be few useful downloads here and there, so please feel free to click and browse pages to see what I’m up to.

Like many other personal websites, mine doesn’t get updated very often, so I’d recommend checking my LinkedIn profile instead.

Again thanks for visiting and enjoy your stay!